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Christmas in America ~ Review

Amundsen House of Chaos / Erin Amundsen /December 2, 2015

Christmas in America by Callista Gingrich is a delightful children’s story. This is her fifth book in the Ellis the Elephant series and focuses on teaching children about the history of Christmas in America. Susan Arciero illustrated Christmas in America in fun and vibrant colors with historical landmarks like the Washington monument and significant events in America’s history like our participation in the Battle of the Bulge and Apollo 8’s reading of the Bible on Christmas Eve from space. Christmas in America packs quite a bit of history into a fun story that will entertain and teach all in one sitting.

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Book Review: Christmas in America

Bergers Book Reviews / Alice Berger / November 19, 2015

Ellis the Elephant wants to discover how Christmas has been celebrated in America. Going back to the beginning of the nation’s history, he visits the people as they enjoy their Christmas holiday. Colonists, prairie settlers, George Washington’s troops, soldiers overseas, and presidential guests all had unique ways of sharing the holiday and making it special.

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For the Love of Teaching - Christmas in America Review!

For the Love of Teaching / Lana Geren / November 3, 2015

I was recently contacted to do a book review of the picture book Christmas in America by Callista Gingrich, illustrated by Susan Arciero.

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Four Stars

Lisa A. Strum / November 17, 2014

Excellent way to introduce children to westward expansion. A charming story with great resources in back.


Carolyn Seely / November 14, 2014

WONDERFUL. My granddaughter wants to know why she has to wait a WHOLE YEAR for another Ellis book.

Great book for the family

Judy Reppert / October 25, 2014

What an awesome book! My 10 year old nephew and I had a great time reading From Sea To Shining Sea together to our family. This narrative poetic depiction of early American history and the Lewis and Clark adventure is fun and easy to understand for all. We had quite a laugh when I explained why Ellis the Elephant was the main character and not some old donkey.

Five Stars

Erin Challinor / October 22, 2014

Beautiful story bought this for my three year old niece she loves it. Wonderfully written.

Attention All Grandmas

Joan Collier / October 22, 2014

This is the book you will love to read to your grandchildren to entertain, inform and build patriotism. My 4 and 7 year old grandkids both love it. And both ask questions that lead to more learning. The resource guide is a great added bonus. Ellis makes learning fun. Don't miss this one.

Ellis the Elephant entertains and teaches readers of all ages!

Diane Ray Brown / October 22, 2014

Great job on your new book @callygingrich! As a mother of three, I am an avid follower of Ellis the Elephant's adventures. Our family has greatly enjoyed previous books written by Mrs. Gingrich and her latest release, From Sea To Shining Sea, did not disappoint! My children were entertained while learning about the adventures of Lewis & Clark. During a time when current events underscore our political differences, it is so important to teach our children the history and values that unite us as Americans. Ellis the Elephant brings U.S. History to life!

I got this for my nieces and they love it!

Anne / October 21, 2014

I got this for my nieces and they love it! It is a great way to teach history to kids and I can't get enough of Ellis - too cute! I would definitely recommend this for any young history buff!

A Family Favorite!

A. Pass / October 20, 2014

This is a wonderful series enjoyed by all in our home.....we are thrilled Ellis is back! From Sea to Shining Sea is precious book for children and a valuable resource for parents to introduce American history at a young age.

These books do a great job of bringing American history to life

Ben Walters / October 20, 2014

These books do a great job of bringing American history to life in the imagination of children and the illustrations are excellent. They also make good gifts for the kids, grandchildren or that teacher in your life.

Ellis the Elephant has quickly become a household name

E. Lutz / October 17, 2014

Great educational gift for my younger cousin! Ellis the Elephant has quickly become a household name.

These books help our children learn our unique history in a fun way. Ellis is such a delight.

C. Clark / October 16, 2014

Hooray! We have been waiting for this book to come out to add to our collection of this series. These books help our children learn our unique history in a fun way. Ellis is such a delight, as my nieces read along, we laugh out loud and enjoy! Looking forward to the next book, too! Keep them coming!

Five Stars

Carmen Omiste / October 14, 2014

Fantastic gift for any occasion!! 5 stars all around :)

New Ellis!

JamsAndJellies / October 13, 2014

So excited that Ellis is back with his adventures in history! This - and all of the Ellis the Elephant books, are excellent gifts for young and old. Be sure this is under the tree, or in the Halloween pumpkin!

History Must Be Remembered

R. Jamison / October 6, 2014

Perfect birthday gift for our great grandson to encourage patriotism in our young.

Five Stars

Winston / October 1, 2014

We really love all of her books. Great for children.

Book Review: The Ellis the Elephant Series

Micahel Traube / The Washington Times / January 21, 2014

Writing a book of fiction or nonfiction is a difficult task. There’s an enormous amount of choice for reading material. It’s a highly competitive environment. Properly gauging your audience can be hit or miss. Readers can also be fickle creatures.

This is nothing compared to writing a children’s book, however.

The Russian writer Maxim Gorky said, “You must write for children the same way you write for adults, only better.” Children are picky readers and tough consumers. They know exactly what they want in a book, and will ignore what they perceive as inferior products. According to children’s literary agent Andrea Brown, “the best children’s book writers are not people who have kids, but people who write from the child within themselves.”

Callista Gingrich, wife of former GOP House Speaker and CNN’s Crossfire panelist Newt Gingrich, fits this bill perfectly. Since 2011, she has written three superb children’s books on important events in American history. Young readers are guided by the smiling Ellis the Elephant (who is bound to make some Republicans happy), and will enjoy Susan Arciero’s beautiful illustrations. Each book also contains a list of resources for curious young minds who crave to learn even more.

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Great series

pycoffey / January 7, 2014

I just love this series! The way they are written makes reading fun and helps your child learn important events in American history, we will be reading these for years to come!

Great series

pycoffey / January 7, 2014

I just love this series! The way they are written makes reading fun and helps your child learn important events in American history, we will be reading these for years to come!


Ruth E. Becker / January 1, 2014

Excellent reading for children to get a feeling of history and appreciation for their home and country, thanks to Callista!

Ellis is great

KS / November 27, 2013

Ellis does a great job of telling the history of the beginnings of the United States. Enjoyable to read . Kids love to listen to it.

Great Book

Mona Norton / November 17, 2013

My 9 year old loves these books .. we have every book she has written ans we have been very happy with all of them .

A wonderful book about our American Patriots!!

Gary C. / November 11, 2013

The book is well written pertaining to what I know as American history. It is fun to read and the grandchilren loved it. I also donated the book to the Learning and Lending Toy Library at INK, Inc. in Gainesville, Georgia. This library supports teachers in early childhood education with resource items to teach with toys that makes learning fun from toddlers to 5th grade. A little later, I plan to buy the remaining books of the series and donate those as well.

Great to read with your kids and grandkids, and have them read to you.

Craig Matteson / November 11, 2013

I have always been a reader and I am sure it is because I had parents, other adults and older brothers who would read to me when I was very young. And, as I learned to read, they would encourage me to read to them. I have always treasured books and encouraged my own children, and now grand children to read.

The problem is that we have to be careful what we put in their minds as they form and develop. I think this book is a good way to begin getting four to eight year old kids a first introduction to the traditional stories of American History, not the radical re-telling of America as the source of all the world's pain and misery lies that they will get in too many public schools during their k-12 sojourn.

Inoculate them early against the Progressive plague that has been damaging millions for a century.

As in the first Ellis the Elephant book, the children get to see that history is fun, that happiness is a good thing, that brave men and women stood up for their rights and liberties in founding America rather than turning to government and demanding things be provided to them and pretending that the benefits are somehow rights.

And, as in all illustrated children's books, the drawings are an important part of the story. Because, as you read with the kids, you allow them to point out aspects of what you just read together in the illustration. This is an important part of the value of the book.

This story is a simple version of the core events of the Revolution that founded America. The book also provides resources for further study, ideal for home schooling, and suggestions for important Revolutionary sites to visit.

My grandkids enjoy reading in this series. And I am glad to have this book for them.

I Love Ellis!

Kevin Knoblock / October 17, 2013

Callista Gingrich has written another wonderful book featuring Ellis the Elephant. Callista has found a great avenue to teach children about America. These books tell the unique history of our country and bring to life personalities and events in a way that is extremely appealing. This series is a gift to our children.

Congratulations to Callista for another fantastic book!

What Every Mom Wants in a Children's book!

Diane Ray Brown / October 15, 2013

As a mother of three young children, I could not ask for anything more in Callista Gingrich's newest children's publication! Not only does Yankee Doodle Dandy provide my kids with a well rounded introduction to American history, it also feature's their favorite character Ellis the Elephant whom they fell in love with through Mrs. Gingrich's first two children's books. After reading together, I LOVE hearing my kids share all the new fun and exciting facts that they have learned from Ellis "leading the way" through American history. This is the PERFECT gift to share with others as it captures our country's great story and is an entertaining read for all!

I know that I will be sending it out to many of my mommy friends this holiday season so that they too can share Ellis with their families!

Yankee Doodle Dandy is a delight!

C.Clark / October 11, 2013

Ellis the elephant does it again! He is so beloved by my nieces to pieces! They read the Ellis books over and over and it never seems to get old or put them to sleep! My warning...it's not a boring book. Totally delightful and a must for birthday and Christmas gifts. I highly recomend the whole series of Ellis stories.

Perfect Book for 3 Year Old and Her Mother

Marthasmom / October 10, 2012

Great story of Ellis! Filled with a lot of general knowledge for people of every age--written in a way to capture the imagination of the very young. Since its arrival this book has made the rotation every night. Well done!

Ellis - Our Kids Love You! History Made Fun!

R. Urrutia / October 10, 2012

huge round of applause for Ellis and Callista! What a great book and easy read. Our kids love the story and it keeps mom and dad entertained too. Looking forward to see where Ellis will take us next.


B. Walters / October 10, 2012

This is great way to introduce children to the founding of our country. Callista makes it very readable and appealing to youngsters. Kids really seem to be fascinated with Ellis' adventures! This book makes for a great Christmas present for nieces, nephews, children, and grandchildren. The illustrations are visual and imaginative and it reads smoothly! Great Work!

Sure to Become a Classic

DC Democrat / October 10, 2012

Although I do not agree with the Gingrich's politics, I did not hestitate to buy this book for my niece and nephew, 3 years and 18 months old respectively. Ellis is such a cute character (seriously, is he not as cute if not cuter than Little Bear or Arthur) and this book is a great example of that. This book is great for reading as a bedtime or naptime story, as it is not too terrible long and wordy, but has enough words to keep the children's attention. I am always looking for books that are subtley educational for my niece and nephew and this one is perfect- not just a list of facts, but the historical anecdotes are there and proud.

The illustrations are adorable and I can tell my elephant-crazed niece loves them. At three, she is very into learning facts right now (just the other day she asked me if I knew that Georgia is the Peach state) to share with her friends at preschool. So I am sure we will be hearing all sorts of facts she has picked from this book in the coming weeks. My nephew, although still only 18 months old, loves for someone to read to him (never to early to start reading) and this book has eye-catching illustration that is sure to keep his attention.

I can't say enough good things about Ellis, and my only complaint right now is that there aren't more books in the series.

PS- Who wants to see an Ellis movie or television show? I bet it would rank right up there with "Olivia" as my nieces favorite tv indulgence.

Delightful Book With Added Advantage of Teaching History to Young Children

John Longshore / October 9, 2012

This was a fun and interesting book to read with my four-year-old granddaughter who was very engaged by it and attentive while we read it together. It is extremely well structured, clear and easy to read and teaches history in a way a young child can understand and enjoy while also looking at the colorful illustrations. It was educational at both the child and adult level. It is always good to be reminded of the facts of our nation's history and help a young child to begin to understand how the early settlers lived after coming to America so long ago. I liked this book very much and know we will read it again and again. Maybe one day soon she will read it to me!

Love this book!

S. Payne / October 3, 2012

Callista does it again with such an entertaining children's book which reads smoothly and has great pictures and color! My six year old son was so excited when it came in the mail and couldn't wait to read it. He loves it! He loves reading about Ellis' adventures and learning. I will be buying more as Christmas gifts for every child I know. It is so important for these little ones to understand America's true history and I believe in starting them on it young!

Wonderful Book!

Nancy / October 2, 2012

Land of the Pilgrims Pride is an AMAZING book for young readers. What really sets this book apart are the wonderfuls values that it teaches young minds. It is beautifully illustrated and contains accurate information about our nations history. I am now a life long fan of Ellis!!

Wonderful Book For Young Readers!

Natalie H. / October 1, 2012

My children were in love with Sweet Land of Liberty and Ellis the Elephant!

This book did not disappoint and I look forward to future books by Mrs. Gingrich.

These books are truly a great way to teach are children about the early days of our great nation!

Ellis the Elephant Visits Colonial America

R. Halpern / October 1, 2012

What a great way to share the story of Colonial America and its 13 original colonies with children. Ellis is adorable, the illustrations are great and the writing is superb. I especially loved the rhyming verse. It was so easy to read aloud. I am planning on buying copies for all of my grandchildren to use as the grow.

Amazing Children's Book!

Isabel Stephenson / October 1, 2012

My two children loved Sweet Land of Liberty, they loved hearing about Ellis and they loved spying the eagle on each page.

I also feel good about reading these books to my children because not only do they enjoy them but these books are tremendously educational.

Land of the Pilgrims Pride, takes your children on trip through each of the thirteen original colonies and relates each colony to a little story or lesson that kids will enjoy. And obviously the eagle makes an appearance on each page for the kids to find and point out (think Where's Waldo).

I am buying copies for my niece and nephews for Christmas!

Perfect for Kids!

Samantha R. / October 1, 2012

Just bought this book for my nieces! They loved Ellis and his adventures in the first book, Sweet Land of Liberty, and I know they'll enjoy this one just as much. Great way to introduce American history to young children!

Wonderful Introduction to Colonial America

Ralph Willington / October 1, 2012

Land of the Pilgrims' Pride is a wonderful introduction for children to Colonial America by Ellis the Elephant. This is Callista and Ellis's second book (the first was Sweet Land of Liberty), and here again the illustrations are adorable and the writing is terrific.

Ellis starts off learning about the Jamestown settlers in Virginia, and then proceeds to each of the 13 colonies to learn about the most important events in colonial history, like the Pilgrims landing at Plymouth and the Dutch purchasing Manhattan from the Native Americans. A few of them might be new even to adults -- I hadn't realized how murky I was on some of our history, so it's a good refresher. Thankfully there is a resource section in the back with more information for parents.

Although it is written by Mrs. Gingrich, there is nothing partisan or ideological about this book. It is focused on the history and the American qualities that we have found since the very earliest settlers. It's the perfect introduction to colonial America for children -- and will be loved by any family. I highly recommend it.

Outstanding & Very Cute

Zilla Mare / Hudson Valley, NY / October 29, 2011

I got this book to read to my kids, and they love it! The illustrations are beautiful and very cute. The poetry is smooth and engaging. This book is a really nice way to introduce children to American history as it touches on some of our most important events. The kids love Ellis and the eagle who are on every page!

Happy Grandma!

K. Hen / October 29, 2011

My granddaughter loved the book. She was so interested in what Ellis was doing and going. My daughter in law said she has to read it to her all the time. She felt it was very well done and very educational.

Great Children’s Book

POP / October 29, 2011

My grandson, Rocky, has not put down this book for the last week. He loves it and reads it to his little brothers. He wants to take it to school to show his teachers and classmates.

Sweet Land of Liberty

Thomas J. Hawkins / Crownsville, MD / October 29, 2011

This children's book is an excellent presentation of America's godly heritage and history. It is one book every parent should buy and read over and over again to their children.

Sweet Land of Liberty, Amen

Mary Turpin / Wellington, FL / October 29, 2011

I purchased this book for my Granddaughter (she lives in France). She loved this book. Every child should have this book.

Bought for Grandkids!

M. Scarlet / October 30, 2011

I bought this book for my 7 year and 3 1/2 year old grandchildren. They had their mom read it to them three times on the first day! Then the 7 year old took it to school the next day for "show & tell". It was a hit!

Patriotic Foundation

Montalban / October 30, 2011

For some time, I have been looking for some children books for my three youngest grand daughters, but they already had all the princess books available. At Amazon I saw Callista Gingrich’s Sweet Land of Liberty book. Needless to say, I bought 3 books, and they were a hit with my grand daughters! They loved the elephant character, but the best part is, each one of them asked me to read the book for her. That's priceless! Thanks, Callista! I'll be, anxiously waiting for more of her children books to be published.

8 Year Old Enjoyed Book!

A.D. Nil / October 30, 2011

My 8 year old dyslexic grandson who is slowly improving and managing this problem enjoyed reading your book!! This seldom happens. He usually hates to read since it is usually such a struggle.


Murphy / October 31, 2011

The illustrations are beautiful, and I can't wait to give them as Christmas presents. It was written well and not too long to lose the little ones attentions. I am happy that a book has been written about America! We need a lot more.


Lawrence J. Schmidt / October 31, 2011

This book is really refreshing in era of bashing our own country, as the book bring many of the good things about America things NEVER talked about in the government schools.

Great History Book

October 31, 2011

This is one book that I highly recommend for our younger kids. This is our history that isn't taught in our schools anymore.

Great Book

Jeffrey D. Wilmouth / Summerville, SC / October 31, 2011

A must have book if you have young children or grandchildren. Callista did a wonderful job that will most assuredly spark interest in American history.

Good Rhyming Introduction of America for Youngsters

Wayne A. Smith / Wilmington, DE / September 14, 2011

This is a good children's book aimed at young readers (or more properly, at young listeners as this would be most effective being read by a mom or dad). It introduces the broad themes of America and our unique story in rhyme.

The illustrations are very warm and age appropriate. They will invite youngsters into the story and present them with iconic images of America that youth will undoubtedly see throughout their lives. One hopes of course that this type of book would make them curious about learning more as they age.

The rhyme is well done and has the type of cadence that will appeal to its audience. As a dad and every-evening reader to all my kids when they were young, I can say that this type of prose will keep a four/five/six year old enthralled as the rhymes present the information in easy to remember stanzas.

My only criticism is that I thought the book could have been a bit longer. On the plus side, the author includes a good appendix where parents can find out more information to delve into the topics addressed by the book.

This would be a good gift for any kid in the 3-6 year old range.

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