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Outstanding & Very Cute

Zilla Mare / Hudson Valley, NY / October 29, 2011

I got this book to read to my kids, and they love it! The illustrations are beautiful and very cute. The poetry is smooth and engaging. This book is a really nice way to introduce children to American history as it touches on some of our most important events. The kids love Ellis and the eagle who are on every page!

Happy Grandma!

K. Hen / October 29, 2011

My granddaughter loved the book. She was so interested in what Ellis was doing and going. My daughter in law said she has to read it to her all the time. She felt it was very well done and very educational.

Great Children’s Book

POP / October 29, 2011

My grandson, Rocky, has not put down this book for the last week. He loves it and reads it to his little brothers. He wants to take it to school to show his teachers and classmates.

Sweet Land of Liberty

Thomas J. Hawkins / Crownsville, MD / October 29, 2011

This children's book is an excellent presentation of America's godly heritage and history. It is one book every parent should buy and read over and over again to their children.

Sweet Land of Liberty, Amen

Mary Turpin / Wellington, FL / October 29, 2011

I purchased this book for my Granddaughter (she lives in France). She loved this book. Every child should have this book.

Bought for Grandkids!

M. Scarlet / October 30, 2011

I bought this book for my 7 year and 3 1/2 year old grandchildren. They had their mom read it to them three times on the first day! Then the 7 year old took it to school the next day for "show & tell". It was a hit!

Patriotic Foundation

Montalban / October 30, 2011

For some time, I have been looking for some children books for my three youngest grand daughters, but they already had all the princess books available. At Amazon I saw Callista Gingrich’s Sweet Land of Liberty book. Needless to say, I bought 3 books, and they were a hit with my grand daughters! They loved the elephant character, but the best part is, each one of them asked me to read the book for her. That's priceless! Thanks, Callista! I'll be, anxiously waiting for more of her children books to be published.

8 Year Old Enjoyed Book!

A.D. Nil / October 30, 2011

My 8 year old dyslexic grandson who is slowly improving and managing this problem enjoyed reading your book!! This seldom happens. He usually hates to read since it is usually such a struggle.


Murphy / October 31, 2011

The illustrations are beautiful, and I can't wait to give them as Christmas presents. It was written well and not too long to lose the little ones attentions. I am happy that a book has been written about America! We need a lot more.


Lawrence J. Schmidt / October 31, 2011

This book is really refreshing in era of bashing our own country, as the book bring many of the good things about America things NEVER talked about in the government schools.

Great History Book

October 31, 2011

This is one book that I highly recommend for our younger kids. This is our history that isn't taught in our schools anymore.

Great Book

Jeffrey D. Wilmouth / Summerville, SC / October 31, 2011

A must have book if you have young children or grandchildren. Callista did a wonderful job that will most assuredly spark interest in American history.

Good Rhyming Introduction of America for Youngsters

Wayne A. Smith / Wilmington, DE / September 14, 2011

This is a good children's book aimed at young readers (or more properly, at young listeners as this would be most effective being read by a mom or dad). It introduces the broad themes of America and our unique story in rhyme.

The illustrations are very warm and age appropriate. They will invite youngsters into the story and present them with iconic images of America that youth will undoubtedly see throughout their lives. One hopes of course that this type of book would make them curious about learning more as they age.

The rhyme is well done and has the type of cadence that will appeal to its audience. As a dad and every-evening reader to all my kids when they were young, I can say that this type of prose will keep a four/five/six year old enthralled as the rhymes present the information in easy to remember stanzas.

My only criticism is that I thought the book could have been a bit longer. On the plus side, the author includes a good appendix where parents can find out more information to delve into the topics addressed by the book.

This would be a good gift for any kid in the 3-6 year old range.

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